Recruitment Status


Hellfire Citadel

Hellfire Assault M
Iron Reaver H
Kormrok H
Hellfire High Council H
Kilrogg Deadeye H
Gorefiend H
Shadow-Lord Iskar H
Sorcrethar H
Fel Lord Zakuun H
Tyrant Velhari H
Xhul'horac H
Mannoroth H
Archimonde H

Blackrock Foundry

Gruul H
Oregorger H
Blast Furnace H
Beastlord Darmac H
Operator Thogar H
The Iron Maidens H
Hans'gar and Franzok H
Flamebender Ka'graz H
Kromog H
Blackhand H


Kargath Bladefist M
The Butcher H
Tectus H
Brackenspore H
Twin Ogron M
Ko'ragh H
Imperator Mar'gok H

Date: 31-08-2015

Mythic Hellfire Assault

Mythic Hellfire Assault


Date: 27-08-2015

Heroic Archimonde

After attempting various strategies we finally managed to tackle this beast!
Very good job team!

Date: 03-08-2015

Heroic Mannoroth

Heroic Mannoroth

He decided to do a weird pose for the picture

Date: 27-07-2015

Heroic Tyrant Velhari

Heroic Tyrant Velhari

Date: 20-07-2015

Heroic Xhul'horac

Date: 13-07-2015

Heroic Fel Lord Zakuun

Date: 13-07-2015

Heroic Shadow-Lord Iskar

Date: 09-07-2015

Heroic Socrethar

Date: 02-07-2015

Heroic Gorefiend

Date: 01-07-2015

Heroic Kilrogg Deadeye

Date: 29-06-2015

And another kill from tonight.

Heroic Hellfire High Council

Date: 29-06-2015

We got Hellfire Assault and Iron Reaver down tonight aswell, but forgot pictures!

But here's our Heroic Kormrok kill

Date: 20-03-2015


First try after the Ilvl increase went live, and down he went.

Date: 20-03-2015

A bit of a delayed screenshot from our first Blast Furnace kill!